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Books that Help Teachers, Parents, and Youth Leaders

We publish quality, user-friendly books for teachers, counselors, and parents, particularly for those who work with youth ages 12 to 18. Below are the books we offer at this time. More information on each book's contents, author, and reviews, as well as a cover photo, can be viewed by clicking at the end of the description. If you need multiple copies of one book, please call 541-255-7267 to avoid excessive shipping costs.

Ordering Information If you wish to order a book, simply scroll down and click on its PayPal icon below or call 541-255-7267 for additional payment options or to buy multiple copies with appropriate shipping costs. We can accept checks, money orders, and purchase order numbers. If you wish to use a credit card, please do so using PayPal, the safest way to order on-line. For a free PayPal account, go to www.paypal.com.

NEW! Teaching with Popular Film Fresh off the press, a new AYWN Publications Teacher-Help book, written by veteran teacher Frances Caldwell, is now available. With 16 lesson plans for popular films including Selma, Schindler's List, The Butler, Concussion, Water for Elephants and more, it has 49 reproducible worksheets. In addition, lesson plans for expressing opinions and women's history are included. For more information and a complete Table of Contents, click here.

$25 plus $4 shipping

An Intricate Dance: Stepparents Tell Us How They Found Their Rhythm Susan Philips, after the outstanding reception of her first book on the topic, Stepchildren Speak, now provides the other side of the story, the stepparents' story. She interviews nine stepmoms and stepdads from various backgrounds and parts of the country to get their firsthand experience and wisdom in the the world of stepparenting. Also included is a 9-session Stepparent Workshop Guide, useful to anyone who would like to lead a group of stepparents in useful discussion and information gathering. more

$15.95 plus $4.00 for shipping


Drugs, Lies & Teenagers Alan Sharpe, formerly a teenage drug addict and now a high school social studies teacher, gives parents, teachers, and administrators the frank reality of why kids do drugs, why current prevention practices fail, and what parents and teachers can do about it. Taking on primary prevention programs such as D.A.R.E., he uses his own experiences as teen drug abuser, teacher, and drug counselor to shed light on why such programs have failed. Unlike most authorities on teen drug abuse, Sharpe is able to see from the perspective of the teen and offers strategies that will help rather than hurt. more

$9.95 plus $4.00 for shipping

For Peete's Sake, sure to inspire both young and old, especially African American youth, is the biography of one of the most successful men on the PGA Tour, Calvin Peete. Written by Dolly Ness, this book outlines the course of Peete's career beiginning with his difficult childhood and continueing through years of poverty, disability and discrimination. Nevertheless, Peete rose to become of the first African American men to become a golf icon.

$12.95 plus $4.00 for shipping

Helping Good Teachers Become Excellent  Did you ever wish you could miraculously implant in your brain all the most useful and effective teaching techniques known to humans? Well, that's impossible, but the next best thing is this collection of book summaries taken from the top educational experts writing in the past ten years. Each piece covers the essential ideas expressed in the book, kind of  like "wisdom in a nutshell." If you find an author really exciting or appealing then you can buy the whole book to get the full effect. Nevertheless, if you just want the essentials, Helping Good Teachers Become Excellent is a good buy for you. This book is an e-book emailed to you in a virus-free PDF.

$10.00 and no shipping cost

In the Heart of Another: Immigrant Women Tell Their Stories Here are the gripping stories of Ana, Nara, Thuynga, Xidan, Maria, Juanita, Michelle, and Oktiabrina from Armenia, China, El Salvador, Mexico, and Vietnam. In their own words, carefully recorded by Susan Philips, they tell us why they came to the U.S and how they have strived to learn the language, adapt to the culture, find jobs and raise their children. War, poverty, and injustice brought them here, but their courage and persistance have given them a new life. Historical notes and photos enhance the book. A Study Guide for teachers is available, as well as a DVD introduction. Buy a classroom set and the Study Guide and DVD are included free. Please call 541-255-7267 to order multiple copies. more


The Second Chance Writing Book Many young people don’t learn how to write under traditional instruction in the high school writing class for one reason or another. This book breaks writing into practical segments avoiding confusing terminology and offering strategies that break the rules most textbooks establish. Written by Frances Caldwell, who has almost 20 years of experience teaching English at middle school, high school and college levels, this approach simplifies the writing process and has proven successful with students who have failed in the past. A classroom set is available at a bargain price and on-line consultation via email which means advising students or teachers on their work is also offered. more


Stepchildren Speak: 10 grown-up Stepchildren Teach Us How to Build Healthy Stepfamilies We've heard from the parents and stepparents. We've heard from the child psychologists and family counselors. Now let the children speak. Here are the wise words of ten children who grew up in stepfamilies as told to Susan Philips. They are young enough to remember the experience well and old enough to have learned from it. They offer their poignant stories and even better they tell us what worked and what didn't work. We gain new insights into how divorce and remarriage affects children. Invaluable information, not only for parents and stepparents, but teachers and counselors as well. This book won an I-Parenting Award in 2006. more 

$14.95 plus $4 shipping

Teaching Life Skills Through Film: 12 teaching units using mainstream video This practical book contains lesson plans based on popular films on DVD, adding ready-to-use worksheets and 7 to 10 activities per lesson. Each unit has a minimum of 2 to 3 handouts as well as discussion/writing questions and step-by-step directions. A 12-page Appendix adds more handouts and special helps. Now provided in a 3-ring notebook for easier access. more

$12.95 plus $4 shipping