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Though AYWN is primarily an educational publisher, AYWN has helped hundreds of authors publish their works. We are experienced in all aspects of the writing process. Give Fran Caldwell a call; she can help.

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You will find numerous websites that offer you complete publishing services (writing, editing, publishing) for exhorbitant fees. We are not here to take advantage of authors. We are here to help.

All work is guaranteed to be 100 percent error-free, and if you are a senior citizen writing a memoir, you will never be charged more than $300 for complete services.  Much of our work for seniors is free.

We can provide a long list of references from satisfied clients. Some of our published books are available in bookstores and on amazon.com. A few of them include Stepchildren Speak, Drugs Lies and Teenagers, In the Heart of Another, The Second Chance Writing Book, An Intricate Dance, and For Peete’s Sake. Numerous others have been published for specialized audiences.


Frances Caldwell - I have extensive experience in English instruction at secondary and college levels. I have worked as a writer for newspapers, educational research companies, book publishers, and in my own writing/editing consulting company. I have a Masters degree in English from the University of Oregon.


Resumes, articles, essays, books and parts of books, ad and brochure copy, business letters, business plans, manuals, etc.  Your project may require some research, or we can work from your rough drafts or outlines.


  • Surface Editing (thorough check for typos, spelling, grammar, usage, and capitalization and punctuation errors)
  • In-depth Editing (thorough examination and correction of organization, structure and content, as well as surface editing)
  • QuikFix (email your document for surface editing and we will have it back to you the same day; this service is for short documents such as letters, ad copy, etc., maximum four pages)

Note: Discussions by email, telephone and/or face-to-face are part of the process.

Frances Caldwell is sole propriator of AYWN Publications, a fully authorized publishing company. Through AYWN we can prepare your manuscript for press and find the most reasonable printing company.  Our publishing services include the following:

  • Critiquing—I will read and analyze your manuscript (no charge for reading time) and prepare a written critique presenting the strengths and weaknesses of your work as well as recommendations for improvement. I can also identify your reading audience and suggest markets.
  • Editing—In-depth editing as described under Editing.
  • Formatting—I place your manuscript into book format of the size and design you desire. I use InDesign software, one of the best in the industry.
  • Cover Design—We are not cover designers, though we can produce simple ones. However, we can arrange for a cover artist who will create the cover you want at a reasonable price.
  • Essential Registration—As a legitimate publisher, we can provide an ISBN, barcode, and a Library of Congress number. We can also secure a Copyright in your name.


Writing and Editing fees vary according to the difficulty of the subject and the number of words. After a review of your project, I can estimate charges.

Publishing is charged as a package including editing, formatting, registering ISBN and Library of Congress #, preparing for print, arranging a printer and/or cover artist. Packages range from ($300 to $1000). Cover art (if you desire a professional artist) and printing are billed separately as we must subcontract this work.

Payment can be made through PayPal via AYWN Publications or by check or money order.

Contact Fran

I am always happy to discuss your project. 

Contact me by email at fran@aywnpublications.com

or by phone at 360-314-4438 or 541-255-7267

My office is located in Vancouver, WA.