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This book has been so popular that we are working on a second volume, just like this one but with more recent films.

Watch for it.


Teaching Life Skills Through Film: 12 teaching units using mainstream video

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This book is enclosed in a 3-ring notebook for easy use. It has 88 pages and features 12 lesson plans based on popular videos/DVDs, providing step-by step instruction, ready-to-use worksheets, and 7 to 10 individual and group activities for each film. Two to four handouts accompany each lesson and more are available in the 12-page Appendix.

The films featured in the lessons can be found in your local video store. They are of high quality and offer students not only educational value, but also entertainment and inspiration. The material is handled with respect for differing religious and political opinions, presented in an open-minded approach allowing students to think about how these issues affect their own lives. Films are an ideal way to teach life skills.

Films featured are as follows: The Cider House Rules, Seven Years in Tibet, Cast Away, Walking Across Egypt, The Shipping News, Marvin's Room, Riding in Cars with Boys, The Spitfire Grill, Finding Forrester, Chocolat, Thirteen Days, and Remember the Titans.

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