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About the author of The Second Chance Writing Book:

Frances Caldwell has taught writing at middle school, high school, and community college levels for almost 25 years. When she discovered her college students lacked basic writing skills, she began putting together a series of basic writing lessons, which were not taught in the college writing textbook. These lessons became The Second Chance Writing Book, a life saver for students who start college without the writing skills they need.

The Second Chance Writing Book

What would happen if writing were taught without all the gobbledygook language teachers and textbooks use?  What if words and phrases like predicate modifier, subordinating conjunction, conjunctive adverb, relative clause, and pronoun antecedent were banished from instruction?

scwb civerTextbooks for teaching writing skills often confuse with unfamiliar and vague terminology, illogical definitions, and awkward labeling. Students struggle to understand what is meant when a sentence is defined as "a group of words expressing a complete thought." What exactly is a "complete thought"? They cannot see the difference between an expository paragraph and a descriptive paragraph, and they are sorely disillusioned when they discover sentences that are only one word, paragraphs without topic sentences, and essays that persuade, describe, and explain all at the same time. Textbooks set rules and then break the rules themselves.

The Second Chance Writing Book by Frances Caldwell eliminates all those writing rules that defy logic. Both a textbook and a workbook, it breaks writing into small packages with suggestions for combining words into sentences, sentences into paragraphs, and paragraphs into essays. These strategies are easy to perform, and they make perfect sense. Dozens of worksheets with answer keys and examples are provided as well as writing assignments and the rare opportunity to have papers critiqued over the web by the author herself (order consultation option). In the end, students will be writing complete, polished essays.

Writing students can use this workbook as an independent study, or they can use it in a group, enlisting peers and teachers as helpers

Table of Contents

Build It!
The Sentence
The Paragraph
The Essay

Decorate It!
Revision: Word Choice, 
Redundancy, Deadwood, Sensory Details

Polish It!
Common errors to avoid:
Word Usage

Answer Keys with Explanations

Sample Essays


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