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For more information on In the Heart of Another, see the publicity packet. It contains recent press releases, book description, quotes from readers, author description, and statistics on immigration.

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In the Heart of Another: Immigrant Women Tell Their Stories

IHA coverShe may be the one who cleaned your hotel room, the one who sewed a hem in your new suit, polished your nails or perhaps picked the fresh fruit for your breakfast table. She's there, often working behind the scenes. Many American immigrant women feel invisible.

Susan Philips, in her new book In the Heart of Another, interviews eight women immigrants from Armenia, Mexico, Vietnam, El Salvador, and China. Their stories come in their own words from their own experience. They tell why they came, how they came, and how they have struggled to learn English, find jobs, adjust to a new culture and raise their children. It hasn't been easy.

Some left satisfying careers in their original countries. Ana and Nara were teachers; Thyunga, a computer programmer; and Xidan, a doctor and business owner. Here, without a mastery of English, they had to start all over again.

They tell stories of violence and death in the El Salvdoran Civil War, imprisonment in re-education camps in China and Vietnam, poverty in Mexico, war and destruction in Armenia. They express gratitude for the refuge the United States offered them and appreciation for the freedoms so many Americans take for granted.

This book will take you and your students on a tour through history and geography via stories that come from the hearts of the people who lived them. Historical notes throughout the book illuminate the events that are background to their stories, and forty-five photographs of people and places illustrate them.

History becomes a living thing when seen through the eyes of real people who are witnesses. As the Iranian proverb at the beginning of the book says, "Words that come from the heart enter into the heart of another."

The Study Guide for In the Heart of Another has discussion/writing questions for each story, 30 activities with instructions, 10 service learning activities, student directions for conducting oral histories, maps, handouts, and resources. The 12-minute DVD shows the women and scenes from their original country and here, as well as dialogue about their experiences.

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