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Drugs, Lies and Teenagers

DLT coverDid you every wonder why present prevention tactics for teen drug use don’t work? Alan Sharpe knows.

Drugs, Lies & Teenagers by Alan Sharpe is an essential guide to the 10 drugs most frequently used by youth. It should be in every teacher or administrator's desk and in the hands of every parent. Sharpe was once a drug addicted youth himself. He provides invaluable information from personal experience as a former drug affected teen, as a drug counselor, and as a teacher. In these pages you will discover:

“I’ve experienced the humanity behind the statistics. I’ve seen every perspective of the damage drug abuse does to people and families-from the teenage user, the helpless abuser, and the frightened parent to the frustrated counselor, the recovering addict, and the dumbstruck community. As a teenager, I abused a variety of drugs including marijuana, cocaine, opium, inhalants, speed, psychedelic mushrooms, LSD, PCP, hash, and a few I can’t remember. I went about as far as an addict can go without killing himself. As a teacher, I’ve seen many of my students in a variety of stages of abuse. As a drug abuse counselor, I’ve watched countless teens struggle with recovery. As a recovering addict, I’ve seen too many lives wasted by drugs and by the ignorance of what drug use truly means in our society.”

Alan Sharpe

“As a former substance abuser, Alan Sharpe has important first-hand knowledge and experience to share. Drugs, Lies, & Teenagers is filled with insights and practical advice for anyone who wants to help young people in the drug culture.”

John W. Erickson, Ph.D.
Deputy Superintendent
Vancouver School District
Vancouver, Washington

“Alan Sharpe provides a veritable plethora of information regarding drug addiction and the role that we all play in this ever-growing epidemic in this country. The permissive environment that makes this all possible is created, in large part, by our unwillingness to be honest and forthright in our own affairs as well as in our communication with youth.”

Larry Adams, MS
Counselor, Serenity Lane Treatment Center
for Alcohol and Drug Dependency
Eugene, Oregon

“As Sharpe recommends, read the book all the way through before making decisions regarding a child’s substance abuse. I found the information enlightening and useful. Rather than simply rehashing the problem, he offers practical solutions.”

Robert A. Jones
Parent and Recovering Alcoholic/Addict
Vancouver, Washington

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