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An Intricate Dance: Stepparents Tell Us How They Found Their Rhythm

Drugs, Lies & Teenagers

For Peete's Sake

Teaching with Popular Film 

In the Heart of Another: Immigrant Women Tell Their Stories

The Second Chance Writing Book

Stepchildren Speak: 10 grown-up Stepchildren Teach Us How to Build Healthy Stepfamilies

Teaching Life Skills Through Film: 12 teaching units using mainstream video 

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Helping Teachers, Parents and Youth is our Primary Goaleducation

A 2016 study at Stanford University found that students from middle school to college were "easily duped" and unable to use reason with online information.

Legislation in Washington state, Connecticut, Rhode Island and New Mexico targets this problem. However, the need remains across the country. Students need to learn how to THINK and ANALYZE.

We are confident that AYWN lesson plans teach students to think critically and use numerous resources to determine truth.


Our full collection of lesson plans is available Lesson Plans, but 16 of the newest and best are contained in our new book detailed below.

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Teaching with Popular Film

Fresh off the press, a new AYWN Publications Teacher-Help book, Teaching with Popular Film written by veteran teacher Frances Caldwell, is now available. With 16 lesson plans for popular films including Selma, Schindler's List, The Butler, Concussion, Water for Elephants and more, it also provides lesson plans for expressing opinions and women's history. Also, it has 49 reproducible handouts. For more information and a complete Table of Contents, click here.


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Enroll in AWYN's Fim Lesson Plan of the Month and receive a new lesson plan on a current or classic film each month for 10 months, as well as bonuses like discounts, free shipping, and opportunities to critique and suggest films. Click here to order.

PayPal is our preferred method of payment. Click on the titles at left for more information and to order. To order more than one book, classroom sets, for example, please call or email us: 541-255-7267 or fran@aywnpublications.com.

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